Quechua @ NYU


CLACS offers beginner and intermediate classes in Quechua, an Andean indigenous language spoken by over 10 million people, designated a priority language by the Department of Education. The IDLC understands Quechua as a vibrant local language, in addition to a regional Latin American language, and promotes a range of outreach activities with Quechua- and Kichwa-speaking communities in the New York metropolitan area.

Quechua is offered on this cycle:

  • Fall: Beginner Quechua I, Intermediate Quechua I
  • Spring: Beginner Quechua I, Beginner Quechua II, and Intermediate II.
  • Independent studies at the Advanced level may be available; contact CLACS for more information.

Check the current and upcoming semester’s course offerings for more information.


Get involved!

Join scholars, students and Native speakers from the NYC metropolitan area who share an interest in Quechua languages and cultures via facebook @Quechua at NYU

Rimasun: Quechua language podcast 

Rimasun is a free audio series created by graduate students at CLACS that features interviews with native Quechua- and Kichwa-speakers in the New York City area. The series illustrates the rich diversity of Andean-origin communities in the City, and provides original materials for use in language teaching and learning at the intermediate and advanced levels.

You can listen to Rimasun on the CLACS blog, or you can subscribe to Rimasun via iTunes, or via another service.

Runasimi Outreach Committee (ROC) 

The Runasimi Outreach Committee at CLACS is a student organization that plans events and programs related to Quechua language and culture. ROC serves as the primary liaison between CLACS and local Quechua- and Kichwa-speaking communities. Students interested in participating should contact CLACS.

Quechua Night

Quechua Night is a monthly gathering organized by ROC that celebrates Quechua language and Andean cultures. Quechua Nights provide opportunities to learn and use Quechua, although non-Quechua speakers are welcome to attend. Often held in collaboration with local community and arts organizations, Quechua Nights bring together students and faculty with a Quechua- and Kichwa-speakers from the metro area.

Recent partners are the Queens Museum, the New York Quechua Initiative, the Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group at NYU, the Patterson Museum, Abya Yala Arte y Cultura, Juventud Ecuatoriana, Movimiento Indígena Asociados, Pachamama Peruvian Arts, Ecuador Sumag Llacta, and Casa Peru.