Kreyòl @ NYU

CLACS offers beginning Haitian Kreyòl (or Creole), a language spoken by Haiti’s population of nine million and by about one million Haitians in the US—including over 190,000 in the New York City area. The class may be of interest to students in all fields, and especially to those planning to travel to or volunteer in Haiti, conduct field work, or pursue careers that involve Haiti or Haitian Kreyòl speakers (medicine and public health, education, social work, etc.).

Kreyòl is offered on this cycle:

  • Fall: Elementary Haitian Kreyòl I
  • Spring: Elementary Haitian Kreyòl I, Elementary Haitian Kreyòl II

Check the current and upcoming semester’s course offerings for more information.

The Instructor

Wynnie Lamour is founder and Director of the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York. She has spent the last several years teaching Haitian Creole in the New York City metro area to a wide array of language learners, including non-profit professionals, public school teachers, and entrepreneurs. Her experiences growing up bilingual and bicultural in Brooklyn as a Haitian-American have provided her with a unique perspective as an educator. She holds a BA in Linguistics from Cornell University and an MA in Urban Affairs from CUNY Queens College. Wynnie’s philosophy of teaching is rooted in the idea of “Mindfulness,” which promotes community and connectedness, while establishing a sense of pride and respect for both the Haitian language and culture.